Empowering Entrepreneurs Like You!

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Vanessa Harris loves
teaching others how to do what they love
while being strategic in growing their residual income.


Coaching Business Owners

Coaching for those who desire personal and financial freedom on the mindset it takes to reach their dreams. Let's face it, business can be tough and the battle is in the mind!


Our Values

✓ Honesty and Integrity
✓ Be True To Yourself
✓ Work like it all depends on you, but pray like it all depends on God
✓ Do It Afraid, Do it Today
✓ Make a Life, Make a Living, Make a Difference


One-On-One Coaching

At Heart to Heart, we focus on helping to build our clients into a better them that they want to become. You are only as strong as those you put around you!

Motivational Products & Resources

We strive to provide the finest and best products for our clients. Take yourself down the road to success through our books and podcasts.

Flexible Meeting Schedule

We understand that as a business owner ( or aspiring business owner), time is your most precious commodity. We meet you when & where it’s best for you.

Vanessa and Jason Harris have charisma, which comes from the Greek word for gift. And they are a gift to me. They give me their vision when I lose mine. They give me their confidence and drive when mine is waning. And they give me principles when I want to take short cuts. Vanessa and Jason are dynamic leaders, contributing to my success in business and as a person.

Charlee Hagan

Starting my own wellness business a little over two years ago, I embarked on a new journey which was certainly unfamiliar territory for me. I have met many wonderful people along the way, two of them being Vanessa Harris and her husband Jason. They have inspired me daily, whether from a one on one conversation or simply through their constant positive energy received through email, live presentations or social media. Vanessa has definitely helped me reach for the stars, searching within myself for answers and other times giving me words of wisdom to effectively help others around me with their goals and challenges. I have been so fortunate to have Vanessa on this journey.

Andrea Mitchell - Lafayette, LA

Wow, abundance mentality with hearts of gold, the best way to describe Vanessa and Jason. A clearly focused duo who have such love and care for their marriage, and family that their friends and business partners even feel like family. You know they care because of the amazing amount of support they give you. They are so action oriented and are not afraid to speak the truth if they believe it will take you to a place that is beyond where you are, even if it's uncomfortable. That's what helped me grow the most, the truth to see changes that I needed to make. I'm blessed to consider them friends and mentors in my life and business.

Veronica Bahn Wife, mother of 3 Business owner, former Miss Arizona.