A Little Bit About Jason

Jason Harris is a dynamic business coach with vast experience in several industries. After retiring early from the phone company, he went on to grow 4 different businesses with Vanessa, one being in direct marketing. His passion for setting people free from a life they hate into a lifestyle of freedom has been a journey of learning and adventure. Jason is known as an “Exit Strategy” Specialist and really loves to help people who are seeking an exit strategy out of working 24/7 whether it be in their own small business or in their regular job.

Jason’s motto is all about fun and being coachable–if you plan on joining his team, you better plan on having fun and enjoying the journey. ┬áJason has a powerful drive to see other people reach their dreams and full potential. His energy is unmatched as an entrepreneur and business leader.

When Jason is not being Super Dad to his 3 boys and spending time with his family, he will be found working out. As an avid Crossfit athlete/competitor and TR90 health coach, Jason is in better shape nearing his 40’s than he ever was in his 20’s. He’s also an experienced traveler, having been to over 25 countries on missionary trips with his home church and has participated in many water drilling trips. He often travels for business as well, speaking and training team members within our company.