No one Compares To You

No one compares to you!  Not sure if you know that or not!  You are you…you are not Mr. or Mrs. so-and-so. No one can ever do you, so why do we try to act like, be like, talk like, and look like others?  Comparison is the thief of joy.

I have noticed in my business that when I’m feeling confident the most is when I’m focused on my goals, my dreams, my gifts, and how I can use them to help others.  But when I start to feel down on myself, it’s ALWAYS because I started comparing myself to someone else. This horrible feeling leads me to lose my self-confidence–MY MOJO!

Don’t lose your mojo!  You are gifted with unique talents and ways no one else has!  You need to be yourself so you can stay in your sweet spot and keep your momentum high.  Business momentum is amazing!  Here’s the thing about it–it’s directly correlated to your life momentum, your joy, and your energy!  Don’t let comparing yourself to someone else steal your momentum.  I’m on a rant here, I know.  But for real!  Please be who God made you to be.  You will feel free, confident, and oh so happy when you stop comparing.  You honor your Maker this way and blessings are able to freely flow through you.  When you compare yourself to someone, it stops the flow.  It completely blocks you.  Your growth stops and you become stagnant.  I’ve been there before.  It’s different than when you just need a rest from growth.  Needing a rest from growth doesn’t steal my peace and joy like being blocked.  Comparison will block you every time.

Here’s 3 ways to keep yourself out of Comparison Land:


  1. Self-love– this is not conceited.  The self-love I’m talking about says, “I’m proud of you God. I’m proud to be who you made me to be.  You are mighty and your Work is awesome so I am awesome.  Help me to live your purpose for my life and to love myself how you love me.  Amen.”
  2. Write out your goals– these should naturally come from the desires of your heart.  If you don’t have goals written down, take an hour to write down as many things as you can think of that you want for your life.  This is not a time to be shy.  It’s okay to write down everything.  After you have a list of at least 30 goals, break them down into the categories of Spiritual Goals, Family Goals, Health Goals, Financial Goals, and Business Goals written onto index cards that you can look at everyday.  I like to tape mine to my bathroom mirror.
  3. Visualize– see in your mind your own road.  No one can know their exact future, but you can visualize your journey according to your goals.  You can speak it, think it, and fall asleep imagining it.  You can visualize as you pray.  You can write it out or just write anything…the more you spend time writing, the more clarity you will gain on your life. One of my favorite times to visualize myself acting out my goals and dreams is while I’m working out.  It’s extremely empowering!

Don’t let comparison be the thief of your joy!  Live your authentic self and be you!  If you have any ways that help you stay focused on your own journey and purpose, please feel free to share in the comments!  I’d love to hear your creative solutions!


Vanessa, xo


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