Done is Better than Perfect–How to Pull the Trigger and Just Do It

This topic reminds me of taking family pictures.  If ever there’s a time when you say, “Done is better than perfect,” family photo day is that day!  Just getting everyone to smile at the same time is a miracle and if everyone’s not ripping their clothes off or their siblings clothes off, you have done well.  As I write, I’ll post a few pics from a couple of Christmas’s ago that show me trying to get the right picture.

Let’s face it, for some of us, talking and putting ourselves out there in our business is not our first nature.  But sometimes we have to force ourselves to pull the trigger and just do it! Or else, it’s never gonna happen.  The more we think about it without taking action, the worse we feel.  The worse we feel about our business, the less confident we are and the less we do. I’m naturally an introvert. Talking to people and starting conversations is a skill I’ve learned over the years. And not even for business so much, but just because I realized how rich life can be when you get to know people and can relate to someone. God would put ideas and dreams in my head that I absolutely knew had to be from Him because they were so out of the box for me to conceive.  He put images of me on stage speaking, images of me teaching, images of me leading others from a position of anointed power. I thought there was no way those images and dreams were gonna happen because just thinking of them gave me heart-pounding fear!  As I’ve slowly grown, and I emphasize, SLOWLY, I see more and more where the times I’ve thrown caution to the wind and pulled the trigger, that’s when God’s grace met my faith and amazing things happened.  The more I put myself out there, the more I realized that ‘done is better than perfect.’  Let that sink in.

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Wow!  Forget all the step-by-step lists and how-to’s.  Who cares if you stumble or don’t have an answer for something.  At least you’re doing it!  And that my friends, is the best darned feeling in the world.  Maybe I’m not speaking to the extroverts of the world, but for some of us introverts, this is the kind of thinking that breaks chains.  When you know what you have to do to move your business and YOUR LIFE forward and you understand that  just doing it is way better than worrying how perfect it is and what other’s think, there’s no stopping you!


I talk to so many people just starting out in their business who are afraid to start talking to people or they get started but something happens like a rejection and they shut down.  Handling rejection is as easy as knowing that it can happen and not being attached to anyone’s response or the outcome.  In fact, being rejected might be better than no rejection at all.  At least you know you are doing something.  At least you know you are working your business.  Every time I’m rejected, it’s not that it feels great, but I remind myself of all the famous inventors, authors, scientists, business leaders and so on who kept going no matter how many times they were rejected.

Business can be messy just like life and children.  Anyone who expects perfection will be disappointed.  When you’re building your business, you should be learning as you go.  Systems, lists, and scripts are great as a reference but save yourself a lot of headache and do not beat yourself up if you veer off a little. Even airplanes constantly course correct as they fly from one destination to another. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, never stop and just do it!




Feel free to comment and share how you pull the trigger in your business, I’d love to know!

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