Finally, My First Blog Post!

By June 5, 2015Blog, Overcoming

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I’m a little hesitant to admit that it took me a year in between getting my website name to actually posting this first blog!  I went through some very personal things last year, and although my life is blessed and I have nothing to complain about, I had to deal with the death of loved ones and health issues that put me in a spin of self-doubt. So, FINALLY, my first blog post!!!

Here’s just another example, mostly to myself, of perseverance and overcoming negative self-talk.  I had to really work on myself, I still am and will always be a work in the making.  Master-crafted by The Master, but it’s so much easier when I just surrender and listen to God and the calling inside of me.  Trust me, I know…that’s easier said than done, especially for a perfectionist like me.  If we are not careful, we will begin to believe the lie that we have nothing to offer the world.  Then, we live the lie.  We cannot please God when we have no faith.  But God never leaves us, nor forsakes us.  I hope you continue to hear that still small voice that says, ‘try again.’

Let’s pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, ask God to forgive us for our lack of faith and trust in Him, and go out there and be who God made us to be!  We will listen only to the voice of love in our heart, the voice of God, Who gives us the strength to do all things through Christ (Phil. 4:13).


With Love,

Vanessa Harris

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