I’ve heard for years how important it is in business to find your ‘why.’ I constantly asked myself my deepest ‘why’ because they say if you know your ‘why’ the ‘how’ works itself out. So, I was ready. My husband was out of town, my kids were at school, and I decided to close my eyes and seek.

Finally… I got my why that makes me cry! I closed my eyes and imagined my dream house. Which has been my why or what I thought it was. Then, I saw my husband and our boys. We were laughing and eating. I had made amazing food and it smelled amazing. I even made dessert! We were making happy memories in our beautiful home and it hit me…I felt safe and warm and stable. (Niagra Falls)

The tears came. Because I was creating that for our family. Something I rarely had growing up. I grew up in a volatile, drama-filled home with alcoholics, suicides, and too many traumatic events to recount. So much soul-wrenching heartache and massive pain. So many moves, so many schools, so much confusion. It’s not so much about the dream home as it is about creating a better quality life that has everything that was missing from my childhood.

Now my vision is growing. If I can create that for my family, I can teach others and show them how to create that for others who are searching and hurting. It’s funny how our weaknesses become our strengths and they can drive us.  It’s all part of a grander plan.  Broken roads can lead to you to your destiny.

What drives and motivates you?  Keep asking yourself until you know.  You must know in order to make it through the rough days.  Your deep, personal “why” will remind you why you started your business in the first place.  You can go back to it time and time again.  It can lift you up and get you back on track again.  The number one reason people quit anything is because they never identified their deepest “why.”


With Love,

Vanessa xo



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