The four most dangerous words to your business that could ever, EVER come out of your mouth or even briefly pop in your head as a fleeting thought:


I hate to even write them, they are so toxic and deadly. These words have killed so many dreams, goals, growth opportunities, and income opportunities. Be very watchful, because even the slightest predisposition of that kind of thinking in ANY area of your life can lead you to thinking like that in your business.  There are different parts to your business and sure, you will become skilled and improve in many parts of it, but that never means you cannot continue to learn and grow wiser even in your stongest areas.

“Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.”

― T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth


Intelligence and personal growth solves problems and produces money. The questions you can ask yourself when you’re tempted to think such deadly words as ‘I already know that’ are:

What nugget can I glean from this (event, conference, speaker)?

What can I improve on?

Does the health of my business currently prove that I’ve mastered this?

Does my wallet prove that I’ve mastered this?

See, if we are always expecting to receive a nugget of wisdom or a new, fresh perspective, we will find it.  This is how billionaires think.  The top professionals in their field understand they didn’t get there by themselves and they are constantly learning and growing from others.  We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, right? To think anything else is to remain stagnant and unchanging.  For things to change, we must change. Change is the only way to grow, so I must remain flexible and have the belief that I don’t know everything.  As one of my mentors says, “You don’t know what you don’t know, and you won’t know until you do.”

Always be learning, growing, and be ever changing!  Life’s more fun that way!



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